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Title: Getting into tracking with Buz
Post by: Moon on February 03, 2008, 02:03:47 PM
Seeing some interest for Buzz on this forum, I wanted to try out a tracker. I've discovered the following software: Buz

You can find it at http://batman.no/buze/

It looks like this software is evolving. So you might want to check it. (I installed version 0.5 but it looks like they have 0.5 released).
I did have some tutorial files from the CM special edition, which helped to get me on my way.

O yes... it's free and a great alternative for the orriginal Buzz software.


P.S.: to Kara; looks like I finaly found an alternative for the midi sequencing feature with the QY700; not exactly the same but it lets you even root to external gear! :)