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Title: The rules of this forum
Post by: kara on April 05, 2006, 09:55:17 AM
here are the current forum rules to make sure everyone is happy here.


1 ) No Racist or Hate-related posting allowed
2 ) Don't post or link to any porn
3 ) No direct linking to files here allowed !
4 ) If you're advertising your own site, don't! If your only intention is to post links to other sites - then contact me first so I can arrange advertisement fees  Note: Members sending advertising/come to my site/general spammy PM's/E-mails to users here will be banned without explanation.
5 ) No Political or Libel Posting ! 
6 ) Don't post the same topics in multiple forums. Choose the right forum for your question.
7 ) Don't post any Warez links
8 ) Don't post any Money Making/MLM/Affiliate Links


We reserve the right to edit/delete/lock/move posts if they break any of the above rules!

Rules are annoying. But there you go. I hope you understand