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Title: Behringer U-Control UMX610
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on March 12, 2010, 05:29:33 AM
The Behringer UMX610 is the updated version of the U-Control series of midi controllers which has been imbued with a candy apple red color.
I will almost certainly give the impression that I am an affiliate of the Behringer company by saying this,but yet again,Behinger has out-done itself-& this time,by leaps & bounds...to put it lightly!

First off..let me begin by stating that the UMX controller is one of the most brilliant designs I've ever come across.
Despite it's ultra-compactness,this keyboard manages to have full size keys(the 49 & 61 keys) and not only that,but semi-weighted ones with a heavy spring action(what a fantastic surprise this was)!!Actually,this entire keyboard has a great tactile feel to it,as the pitch & modulation wheels are firm & smooth,as are the rotary knobs....imagine if you will,a gateway to 61 key heaven for a mere admission price of $150!!
Of course though,there is no fancy auto-mapping or a display screen,but it is of no consequence to me,as I have become so accustomed to using my mouse,that I have never taken advantage of all of the bells & whistles of my M-Audio AxiomPro controller.
That being said...the simplicity of the UMX610 is a very welcome change for me.

I'm afraid however,that this controller is not all peaches & cream,as the audio interface that comes with it,leaves an awful lot to be desired...which is why I went with a separate audio interface from another company.
As for the included software-in a word,it's an amazing value...considering that the controller itself is worth every red cent,but there are a couple of hitches.
The EnergyXT software is delightfully easy to use,but since it is the compact(or "LE") version,there's a few hidden snags....one of which,is that if you want to import a third party VSTi,you get a message stating that you have to upgrade to the full version-which for an additional $43 is quite reasonable,but once you pay for the download,YOU HAVE TO WAIT 48 HOURS FOR THEM TO SEND IT TO YOU!
Another problem that exists,is that(contrary to what Rharv had stated),Windows 7 is not all that stable,as when you try to export a WAV file,the program shuts down......perhaps though-with the upgrade,this problem may be resolved.
As for the stock instruments-they are usable & some are quite interesting,but one will definitely want to take advantage of all of the 3rd party instruments,once the upgrade is added to the program.


Title: Re: Behringer U-Control UMX610
Post by: kara on March 12, 2010, 11:15:34 AM
Behringer strikes again with a very cheap product...
I've looked at it at there site and didn't see any mention about after touch ?


Title: Re: Behringer U-Control UMX610
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on March 12, 2010, 03:30:39 PM

I've never paid much attention to the aftertouch thing,but I did notice an aftertouch setting on the EnergyXT software.
What's really odd also,is that Behringer does not mention anywhere that the keyboard action is semi-weighted....which is a major selling point for some!?


Title: Re: Behringer U-Control UMX610
Post by: rharv on March 13, 2010, 01:25:10 PM
Well, I am quite sure the Win7 issue with this product is driver related.  Every manufacturer is working to keep up with the new OS.  I don't think it is a matter of Win7 not being stable as much as the drivers are not yet up to par.  Look for new drivers soon; this has been the case with every Win7 device ralted problem I have seen.  If the company doesn't put out a new driver for Win7 it is a sign the product is on its way out.

I want to say thanks for the review.  The semi-wighted action is indeed something that gets my interest.  Can you tell if it has aftertouch?  This would be the deciding factor for me.  It is the one thing I miss on the Juno-G and would love to have.  As it is now I have to pull out another board to get access to aftertouch.  Usually I turn to my old W-30 as it has polyphonic aftertouch that I really love.  If that behringer had polyphonic aftertouch it would be a steal!

Title: Re: Behringer U-Control UMX610
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on March 15, 2010, 03:45:38 AM

Yeah....you are indeed correct about the Windows 7 thing,as someone on the KVR forum informed me that the bug with EnergyXT's compact version is eliminated when you upgrade to the full version.
I'm not really sure how to test for aftertouch....but once they eventually send me the full version,I'll probably figure it out-as of now,the platform is virtually unusable,as there seems to be one less feature taken away,each time I use the program....the first time I used the program,I was able to add a drum track and now I can't.
Since the EnergyXT program has aftertouch in it's midi settings,then I have to assume that the controller has this function and like I had said,Behringer does not mention anywhere,that the UMX610 has semi-weighted action(which is a major issue for the majority,I imagine)....so apparently,Behringer did not think it was important enough to mention the aftertouch either.