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Title: heads up...a simple likkle auto arranger.
Post by: manning on May 09, 2010, 01:54:22 AM
i hope i put this in the right part of the forum.
(if not mods please move to appropriate place.).
just a heads up.
i'm always looking for likkle tools that let me get
song ideas down very fast.
so i can get a quick overview of a song idea.

as folks prolly know the leader in auto arrange products
where you enter song chords and then the traks are auto generated
is band in a box. but it can become a bit pricey.
but then it has this new feature of real musicians
n real traks built in.
it really is a wonderfull product.

well a user on the reaper forums alerted folks to
a cute little new auto arranger called chordpulse.
(24 buks.). www.chordpulse.com
pc only. it doesnt have all the features of biab of course.
but could still be usefull for quickly roughing out song ideas.

ive emailed the developer on adding midi export
which is vital so people can export to their multitrak software.
other than that, a cute gui. and very easy to use.
in the interim i connected two computers together,
one running chordpulse and the other multitrak software.
and recorded the output of chordpulse backing into the second computer.
then i aligned the individual traks, replaced the cheesy MS softsynth
drums with a drumcore plug in. added vocs n some guitar.

heres a ruff test simple song idea i did with it.
called "simple man".
small mp3.
the song was done in an hour and a half includeing
laying out chords in chordplus , writing lyrics n
laying down vocs n a couple of extra traks.

in summary it might prove usefull to someone
with no money for getting down a song idea fast.
i found it very easy to use.
ps. a tip. remember to set the bpm in your multitrak
software the same as you set in chordpulse.
this will make things very easy. 

all the best.


Title: Re: heads up...a simple likkle auto arranger.
Post by: Oren on May 09, 2010, 02:38:01 AM
Sounds like a very useful tool, Ed! :-

A member here, bvdp(Bob) is the developer of a similar software package, free and open-source, called Musical MIDI Accompaniment (MMA).
 It is designed for Linux, but there is also a Windows version. Bob is working at taking it beyond a simple songwriting tool into a full-fledged backing-track option, and doing a lovely job, I might add.

Still, I think there is room for a simple musical sketch-pad like you come up with here - nice going!

Title: Re: heads up...a simple likkle auto arranger.
Post by: kara on May 09, 2010, 09:30:27 AM
It sounds indeed nice for a simple auto arrangement soft.
Ed, can you upload your songs here as an attachment please, i hate publicity and pop-ups from other sites  ::) and I think I'm not the only one here  ;D


Title: Re: heads up...a simple likkle auto arranger.
Post by: manning on May 09, 2010, 07:33:58 PM
oh goodness terribly sorry mate.
i forgot  i can attach here.
my brain gets addled as i get older.
i forgot cos my siamese cat was wailing at me
for treats at the time i posted.
ok ive attached the simple man mp3.
just a daft likkle short doodle song idea.
all the best.