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Title: Sonic Refills Gold
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on July 13, 2010, 02:43:33 AM
Oh God-oh Lord-oh man.....I wish I would have come across this bundle for Reason 4 when I was contemplating the NI K6 bundle! :o

Unlike NI's bundle,Sonic Reality's bundle is a reality...what you hear in the audio demos is precisely what you get when you purchase it...and having been a long term owner of Reason & having bought a Refill in the past,I know this to be true!
The best part of 3rd party & even Reason-specific Refills,is that they are very reasonable in price!

If it was possible to return my NI K6 bundle,I would have just utilized the Presonus VST's,bought the Sonic Reality bundle and eventually purchased the Omnisphere.

I had ultimately decided that I would not add Reason's Record to my Reason 4,because of the exclusion of adding VST's...but after spending some quality time @ Sonic Reality's website,maybe getting Record would not have been such a bad move.




Title: Re: Sonic Refills Gold
Post by: Oren on July 14, 2010, 01:12:46 AM
From what I am able to gather from the quality of music produced, software from PropellerHead and its accessory developers is a genuine phenomenon.
 If I still worked in Windows and wanted to make synthetic music, Reason and Record would likely be my tools of choice.
 (Jeskola Buzz would be the other item of special interest)