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Title: Mixcraft 6 Review!
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on February 17, 2013, 05:27:11 AM
Well...the more I dig into Mixcraft 6,the more I am delighted & fascinated by it!In my first day of working with it,I vastly underestimated it's potential,because it's astoundingly comprehensive for the price!Like I had mention in my "First Impressions" article,there's nothing particularly fancy about the sound sets...however though,one can concoct some really interesting patches by combining the different patches together(which is incredibly simple to layer the different presets together)...then,when you add the included VST effects,things get r-e-a-l-l-y interesting!
I was tinkering with the Lounge Lizard module the night before,& it's a very usable e.piano emulator & fun to fiddle with.There a couple of synth modules that are freeware,such as the Impulse & Alien synth(nothing wrong with that though,as there is an ocean of really fun soft-synths out there for the taking) and I just spent a couple of hours hunting them down & installing all of them!
I always had trouble installing freeware in the past,but thanks to Acoustica's wonderful VST installation video tutorial,they made it incredibly easy for me to successfully install all of the soft-synths that I downloaded tonight!
To my knowledge,no other DAW software company actually takes the time to make a tutorial to guide you through the process of installing VST's...I love these guys!!  :-* Speaking of unique & proprietary features,I am really delighted by the on-track volume controls of each audio/midi track that you create.Most,if not all other DAW's that I know,do not give the user the ability to do multiple and entirely independent volume edits on a single track,for each bar of composition and this can be done of BOTH midi & audio tracks!  :-
Sometimes,it's the little amenities of a DAW that thrill me,such as being able to not only assign the color of your choice to each track,but also to insert whatever picture you desire,to each track...which is fantastic for keeping one's multitude of tracks organized!  :D
The overdub setting for recording tracks is an absolute joy as well,because say you want to add multiple parts to a single drum track...well..it's a simple matter of hitting the record button again and Mixcraft will automatically created another note lane under the existing one,which is perfect in expediting workflow!

One thing about Mixcraft that really struck me as being really odd,is initially,I was under the impression that starting & ending loop points could only be created after you record a bar of music and I could not figure out how to accurately trim a loop down to fit snugly into each set of measures.
After I made a query to the extremely helpful staff,I was told that creating time-aligned loop edits could be done in the edit window...which is located along the bottom,where there is a series of tabs you click on,to access the edit window..as well as the mixer,project and library windows.
As I found out later,there are in fact,other methods of creating loop points,but I haven't looked into them as of yet.

I found out just a few hours ago,that the encoder Mixcraft uses to convert to MP3,is the LAME one...so you know you're getting quality results in your renderings!  :)

The audio engine is limited to only 32bit,but since most software out there has both 32 & 64 bit versions,I am perfectly fine with this.As I understand it,64bit gives one more headroom..but I am not super critcal about that.

As for the video editing portion of Mixcraft 6,there are some limitations(but nothing that really hinders my purposes),which are that-as far as I can tell,the effects are limited to text,moving text,transitioning & supports AVI & WMV.

As I become more intimately knowledgeable about Mixcraft 6,there are more subsequent reviews to come....


Title: Re: Mixcraft 6 Review!
Post by: Oren on February 19, 2013, 06:20:56 PM
Sounds to me like you have another winner in your bag of audio tricks, Pilgrim. I'm seriously impressed... 8)