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Title: Synthmaster 2.6 First Perusal
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on May 29, 2013, 12:18:23 AM
Thanks to Moon's mention of Synthmaster here on K-M,I finally pulled the trigger on it,using Synthmaster's coupon code(which by the way,was earmarked only for April of this year,but has been extended into May as well).
Though my Reason host fulfills the bulk of my synth needs,I wanted to have an ample amount of synth resources outside of my Reason host,for those times when I need other types of sounds my Reason DAW can't provide.
In essence,I wanted the option to start and complete an entire song outside of Reason,for those times when I didn't want the tedious task of bouncing my work through 2 or more DAW's during a single project.

Though I do find some of my Presonus S1's included synths usable,they seriously lack more complex sound designing..as well as overall warmth & versatility.
While I do have my free version of Alchemy to fill in some of the void,I wanted some sound manufacturing capabilities that were comparable to Reason and for the very modest price tag,I think that Synthmaster is the very best option out there!

I had a difficult time deciding on whether or not I wanted to opt for just the factory sound library for $75...or go as step higher for some additional presets for about $25 more.
Being that Synthmaster is an extremely deep & versatile synth,I thought it pertinent to save myself some arduous work & time,by opting for the standard version.
This is not say say that Synthmaster is difficult,in terms of programming user presets...as the GUI is concise & fairly straightforward,but for me...I usually like to begin by creating songs via being inspired by a ample library of presets and then tinker around with sound design at a later time.
Synthmaster's GUI is somewhat reminiscent to that of NI's Absynth synth,but easier to navigate through & comprehend and unlike NI's Synth's...all of the most common forms of synthesis are all under one program...so there's an "easy morphing" option for all of the presets

Synthmaster is also wonderfully CPU friendly,as I had 7 instances of Synthmaster running in my Presonus S1 host,with not so much as even a crackle,pop or hiccup of any kind!
I made a quick & dirty audio demo...using only the onboard resources of Synthmaster,which I hope...amply illustrates Synthmaster's power & potential to prospective users.