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Title: TubeOhm's Alpha Ray Synth
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on July 27, 2013, 10:52:39 PM
TubeOhm is a soft-synth company I came across by chance,whilst searching for some additional freeware and whileAlpha Rayis just a basic VA synth,it's quality is surprising...for freeware...enough so that it made me curious to researchTubeOhm'slibrary of other synths.
ThoughAlpha-Rayis for the most part freeware,the effects for this synth,are a modest 5.00 Euro's.
It's important to note though,that if you want the effects,you must first uninstall this synth(once you pay for the effects & the developer sends you the link to the download)....which is roughly within a 12 hour period,after payment.

While I did not have any particular need for the built in effects of this synth..well..I believe in supporting the little guy and besides which,it's very convenient to have the effects presets for each sound patch.

My sound demo of this synth will be posted in the song section(which also includes tracks using TubeOhm'sGamma Raysynth).