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Title: Bitwig Studio
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on August 15, 2013, 03:39:50 AM
Although things are panning out quite nicely with my new Sonar X2 Studio,I came across something I never thought I would ever see happen...something of which I stumbled upon at KVR.

A lot of software companies make claims that they've come up with some new,revolutionary features in their DAW's...but in the case of Bitwig,they have indeed,created something truly revolutionary and radically so!

One of the many new features that separates this host from any other on the market,is that it will be released as a single version,which is compatible with not only Mac & Windows..but also Linux!

Believe it or not,Bitwig runs as a 32 & 64 bit version,simultaneously!Yep...you read it right,you can use your 32 & 64 bit VST's in a single project..amazing,to say the least!

Bitwig's crash protection is a real game-changer as well,which means that if your VST craps out,your DAW will not be interrupted!Also,the retrieval of the crashed VST is fast & simple...as you can instantly re-load the crash plug-in from the crash window!
As for scanning VST's..well...once Bitwig scans a VST,it's always in place & ready to go,which eliminates the need for scanning upon the launch of Bitwig..resulting in an immediate launch into your project!

Bitwig also has what they label as being "Hybrid" tracks(in addition to conventional audio),which is that their hybrid track will support any type of material.This description is a bit vague to me,but from the videos I've seen,I know it supports video and Bitwig's description of their hybrid track seems to imply that any type of audio or video(regardless of codec type),is supported.

Bitwig advertises as having world class instruments built in,which include modular synth engines,which is reminiscent of my beloved Reason DAW.

There's quite a bit of tasty goodies under the hood of this beast it seems and the main focus of this host,is universal compatibility all around & throughout this DAW,from top to bottom.

There will also be the ability for live,real time collaborations between Bitwig users,via the internet...all of which will be recorded to your host!!

I also love Bitwig's advanced controller support,which means that if your particular brand of controller keyboard does not automatically work out-of-the-box,you can fully customize whatever controller you have,to work seamlessly with Bitwig!

If all this isn't appealing enough for you,Bitwig has also eliminated those pesky dongles!

I also am very impressed with Bitwig's whole approach to their development of this program,because unlike a lot of software companies,Bitwig is unflinchingly dedicated to launching their product...only when it has been thoroughly tested for bugs..regardless of how long it may take,until they have a fully stable product to release to the world!

Bitwig Studio has been in development for 2 years or so and in the the last year,it;s been in the beta-testing stage,which is still ongoing....but it's been said,with no specificity...that it's due to be released sometime this year...so it should be relatively soon.




Title: Re: Bitwig Studio
Post by: Oren on September 09, 2013, 04:51:53 PM
I like it!    :o

Title: Re: Bitwig Studio
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on September 09, 2013, 07:24:05 PM
It's important to take note,that I was mistaken about the video support(at least in version 1.0,that is).The folks at Bitwig,however...did promise to deliver this feature in a future update.