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Title: A new sequencer...
Post by: Moon on June 30, 2014, 06:41:36 PM
Being a Sonar user for a long time, I was looking out to get the X3 upgrade. Only it's upgrade price was holding me back.

The last week, I've been working with another sequencer: Studio One, the free version.

After spending some time with, I decided not to get the Sonar upgrade, but to go for for the Studio One Producer purchase, which is about the same price for the Sonar X upgrade (thanks to the current 25% discount on Studio One). The upgrade of Sonar would have gotten me the integration of Melodyne. I doubt that Melodyne could correct my singing though, not that Meldodyne isn't good, on the contrary... only my singing is that bad  :-X So I'm not planning on using that. ANyway, if I need this later, I can still get the upgrade to the Professional version which also includes a very good mastering suite.

I'm not saying that Studio One is better than Sonar. Sonar has more functionalities than Studio One.
The main reason to step over to Studio One for me are the following:

- user friendlyness and streamlined workflow: usage is more intuitive for me than Sonar
- runs both on Windows and Mac OS. My next laptop will be a MacBook, and I realy hate to swith between different sequencer softwares
- Even runs on windows XP (which is good to run on my backup DAW)
- Can be installed on 5 PC's
- ...

I'll have the boxed version on Wednesday. Yes... I'm looking forward on this one !


Title: Re: A new sequencer...
Post by: folderol on July 01, 2014, 06:06:24 PM
Sounds interesting.

You do, of course, realise we will be expecting a demo ;D

Title: Re: A new sequencer...
Post by: Moon on July 01, 2014, 06:20:54 PM
Only one ?  ;D


Title: Re: A new sequencer...
Post by: elwoodblues91 on July 01, 2014, 06:51:13 PM

Despite how disastrous my experience was with Sonar X2,I was a little curious with how the X3 version functioned...as Sonar is feature-packed....but whenever a developer tries to make the "Swiss army knife" of DAW's,it's always recipe for problems(which is why I will never buy another DAW that includes video editing.
Aside from the video part,X2 was plagued with so many instability issues(even with it's own VST's),that I could not take the chance on upgrading to the X3.
Sonar has been around for so long and yet,there newer versions become unstable(rather than becoming perfected?)No way...I just can't see the logic in using such a DAW.

I have both Reason 7 and Studio One Pro and time & time again,they've proved not only to be to be the most stable DAW's on the market,but also continue to remain this way.
I'm sure the same can be said for Bitwig,but I can't see having a 3rd DAW though.

I do most of my work in Reason 7,but when it comes to audio mastering,MP3 conversion and utilizing my freeware & Alchemy & such,I need my S1 Pro(because it's utterly amazing for adding the finishing touches to a song,as it's so easy to use!)

As for the video editing thing,I have Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 and it too,is a very stable program.It's also very powerful,flexible and very reasonably priced!

Title: Re: A new sequencer...
Post by: Moon on July 02, 2014, 05:41:10 PM
Years back, I started with Cubase v3.5. I think this was more than 15 years ago. Around 2000, I swithed over to Sonar because at that time, Sonar was more stable than Cubase (on my system anyway). I bought Version 6, than upgraded to 7... 8 ... X1 ... X2.

I didn't had too many instability issues and was happy with the product. But as Sonar grew and added functionality, the thing becomes more and more complicated. There are so many features in this thing. Yes, it is a huge Swiss Army Knife, but the thing has become so large that it's dificult to handle as a knife  ;) If you know what I mean...

Soo, this made me swith over.

I bought the Producer version to keep cost down, but realize I can upgrade to the full Pro version later on. I think the main added value for me would be the mastering tools. But before getting to the mastering tools, I first need to make a number of new songs !

P.S.: The software is installing right now...

Title: Re: A new sequencer...
Post by: Oren on July 04, 2014, 06:36:11 PM

You do, of course, realise we will be expecting a demo ;D

Indeed!  :-*