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Title: AIR's Hybrid 3 Synth
Post by: elwoodblues91 on October 15, 2014, 03:25:29 AM
Hybrid 3,is the latest version of the classic Hybrid synth..originally under the name of Avid and was exclusive to Pro Tools.

Now...this subtractive/wavetable synth is now available as a VST,which is one of 3 incredible synths from the AIR Expansion pack and also an option as a separate purchase.

Hybrid 3 is somewhat reminiscent of Alchemy,in that there are very rudimentary controls for sound shaping,while also having incredible depth for deep sound manipulations.Hybrid has 6 oscillators, including the Multi-Square waveform, Saw Sync, Saw Cross Modulation (which modulates the pitch of a saw wave with the output of a triangle wave for complex tones), Saw Multi (a stack of seven saws in unison), Square Sync, Square Cross Modulation, Square Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and Wavetable. Hybrid 3.0 offers 100 wavetables with up to 64 single-cycle waveforms each. A third oscillator includes saw, square, or triangle waves, plus a noise generator and a sub oscillator
Hybrid 3 also has many other sound enhancing features(too many to name without writing an essay about them),which include dual filtering,tube saturation,4 LFO's per part,envelope editors,step sequencers,morph groups,modulation matrices and 2 insert effects per part with 40 effect types to choose from.


One of my favorite features of Hybrid 3,is the part presets section,whereby the user can choose from two file folder lists within the 2 windows from left to right.This makes it completely effortless to create huge and incredibly inspiring user patches...so much fun to be had!
Below,is a custom preset of mine,that I created in a matter of minutes..called Cardassian Sunrise;


Title: Re: AIR's Hybrid 3 Synth
Post by: elwoodblues91 on October 15, 2014, 03:26:22 AM