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Author Topic: MidiQuest software by SoundQuest?  (Read 2348 times)
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« on: September 14, 2008, 09:20:14 PM »

I was purusing around the Karma-Lab forum & I had posted a topic in reference to the functionality of the Korg M50 with a computer and how I thought the M50 seemed to be ideally suited for such a set up and the response I recieved was surprising.

I was told that if I used the SoundQuest software with my Korg Triton Extreme,it would function just as well as the Korg M50,in terms of sound creation & recording in a software application.

SoundQuest claims that using thier software,you can use ANY keyboard to have all the functions & advantages of softsynth recording & sound creation,with just your hardware....what?! Huh

The implications of this seem to be that I would not even have any use for the Korg M50,nor would I need ANY sort of midi controller keyboard whatsoever....what?!

If this were true,then why are thier countless companies,making countless midi controller keyboards?!

This does not sound kosher at all...can anyone shed some light on this dumbfounding concept?I'm really flabbergasted here....what?! Huh Shocked Roll Eyes Tongue Undecided

Some advice would be very helpful...thank you.


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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2008, 05:04:30 PM »

Soundquest delivers software: meaning, that with their software you can tweak any paramter of your synth engine. So yes, it is possible to edit sounds in a very user friendly way... eeehhhrrr.... I mean in a very PC friendly way: you see all parameters on your pc screen and you can change these settings with keyboard or mouse.

So, if you find a way how to play keys and manage the mouse for real time changing the parameter...

That's where controllers come in, since with a controller you can assignknobs to a parameter.

Also, the karma software is something completely different than SpundQuest software, since karma will generate patterns, not only note patterns but patterns with paramter changes as well. The M3 has the karma engine build in and all the knobs to control it. The M50 won't hae the karma engine so you need to run it on a pc... meaning you'll need a controller if you wan't to tweak the parameters while playing.

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