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Author Topic: Presonus Studio One Pro  (Read 4113 times)
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« on: March 25, 2010, 02:33:19 AM »

After having endured a very prolonged and distressing siege of complications with the EnergyXT upgrade file for my compact version and all of it to no avail,I decided to get a refund for the upgrade and move onto another DAW platform altogether.
Once I had done this however,I began to panic a bit,as I was lost in the vast sea of choices...with virtually no navigation skills.
Fortunately though,not too much time had transpired until I stumbled upon the
Presonus Studio One Pro....& after having combed through Presonus's website and reading through and watching all of the product's tutorial videos-I was not only fascinated by it,but relieved and very confident that I had found the ideal audio/midi DAW!!
The most extraordinary feature of this platform-is that not only is it seemingly as simple and efficient as EnergyXT,but also very stable and better arranged,overall!
The Studio One Pro is quadruple the price,but probably offers the most professional & complete studio recordings possible,at this price point.
The layout of this program is absolutely wonderful,as you have your main display window with the usual track info,VST lists and so on and whenever you add a component such as an insert effect,VST or mastering effect,smaller pop up displays are at your disposal in the most effortless way.
Another amazing feature of this program,is that everything is drag & drop....effects,audio clips,VST's etc.,!
Yet another important & impressive feature of this DAW,is that the midi keyboard set up is so easy & effortless with it's hardware learning function,that midi controllers with auto mapping is not really necessary,which goes perfect with my Behringer UMX610 keyboard!!!
Everything is integrated into this DAW and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.....audio/midi recording,mixing,mastering,CD burning and WAV and MP3 exporting!
This product has only been released for a few months,but has already proved to be a very stable program...including Windows 7-PERFECT!!

Presonus also offers a scaled down version,which excludes in-house mastering,audio file exporting and only 32 bit processing,which is named Studio One Artist for half the price.
At this particular juncture in my conquest for my dream DAW,the Studio One Pro version suits me immaculately and it is well worth extending my budget to obtain this gem of a platform....so as it turns out,all of the problems I was having with EnergyXT,was a blessing in disguise!


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« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2010, 03:48:35 AM »


Every musician has a different set of preferences and requirements that should be addressed by the workstation they ultimately select. Presonus may be yours.

The other important point is, once you have made your selection and evaluated it, stick with that software and learn it, inside out.

I hear spectacular synthetic music and digital audio from Jeskola Buzz (buzz machines) - and it is all free software. Endless possibilities. Another interesting free audio/midi tool is the Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) which offers a Windows version.
Audacity, also free, is the tool of choice for one of the most prolific composers/performers/recording artists to ever take a breath: Pink Jimmy Photon Pocius. (he tends toward a lo-fi sound, but is equally capable of producing pristine audio on Audacity)

I use Ardour and Audacity in Linux, but if I was still using Windows and wanted to work in MIDI and audio with VST/VSTi action, I think a combination of Jeskola Buzz and Audacity would be my audio tool kit. Sort of a combination of Jimi Pocius and Magmavander
... works for me... wOO

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Studiophile,Audiophile & Synthophile.

« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2010, 05:06:47 AM »


I actually had already tinkered with the Windows compatible Linux platform,but there was no option in the drop menu for me to utilize my midi controller and I suspect that I would need some sort of "plug-in",to get it to work.
I have had Mozilla Firefox for about a year or so and I still don't have it all figured out(for the most part,it's a fantastic browser),but anytime that I run a search for a plug in I need,there apparently is never one available...so I am still trading off between Mozilla and Explorer,depending on what website I visit.

Audacity is not entirely stable on Windows,as every time that I've attempted to run analog audio via my audio interface,Windows shuts down the program.
Aside from all that,I am piss-tired of running into problems with downloading platforms(as supposed to buying the boxed version).
It's been my experience,that once you try to fix a download that's gone awry,downloading updates just compounds the problem(particularly anything having to do with compact or le versions of platforms).

It seems that free open source downloads of platforms work best in the Linux world(especially for the very technically inclined and computer literate) and not so much for Windows users and people of a limited aptitude,like myself.
The primary reason for me choosing Presonus, is for it's compatibility and stability....which is precisely what Propellerhead Reason 4 has provided for me.
Windows Vista is probably one of the most unstable OS's ever released,but yet my Propellerhead software works beautifully on it!
In general,I am very,very apprehensive,cautious and meticulous in choosing a boxed version of a software platform,due to the non-returnable policy that is mandated by law...so that being said,I am extremely confident & comfortable with my decision to purchase Presonus.

Bottom line...is that I don't care to become too involved in the open source world-as it's over my head and just too much of a bother to me.
I am merely a musician and not a computer geek,so I learn what I can to accomplish what I've set out to achieve musically.
While Audacity is the center of my file conversions and final edits,Propellerhead is the center of my studio,in terms of recording musical compositions and I need like-wise software and I firmly believe that Presonus will be every bit as vital to my studio as my Propellerhead platform.

The very thing about Presonus,is that it quite clearly seems to be the most ideal audio/midi/mastering/all-in-one-studio platform that I could find,of which can produce complete and polished recordings,that are utterly self sufficient and efficient.

Being able to run a platform in this way without having to depend on any outside add-ons(with the exception of optional VSTi's),is a dream come true for me.

The fact that I allowed the low cost of the EnergyXT program to be a reason to purchase it,made me realize(that as a Windows user),that the bare minimum of expense is at least $200 & up-for not only stability and compatibility,but also for an ample amount of features to accommodate my level of musicianship and recording skills(not that I am a pro or anything),but the EnergyXT software is a dead end..i.e.,no expansion capabilities.
Case in point...my Tascam is a wonderful recording tool(provided that I don't ruin my recordings with it's built-in effects),but the Presonus software is light years beyond the capabilities of my Tascam and it costs $340 less than what I paid for my Tascam.
That being said,the Presonus is an extraordinary value for all that it does and how simply and efficiently it does it,so sometimes a "free" platform can end up costing me more in the long run and leaving me with a lot less to work with.
I think that if you carefully study Presonus's website on this product,you may very well agree that Presonus has embarked on the most most ideal fusion of concepts and have done this seamlessly.

I think it's fair to say that given the fact that you are primarily a guitar player who supplements his work with "middle-of-the-road" quality of virtual instruments,whereas I work strictly and exclusively with hardware and software virtual instruments,which demands the up-most quality in sampling and synthesizer engines to achieve a reasonable degree of realism in the emulation of real world instruments....our needs & methods are quite different and this is all the more reason why I feel that the Presonus software is so critical for the way I work and the results I want.


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« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2010, 07:42:19 AM »

Sounds like you've found the right tool for your work-flow
Most important is having fun with music


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