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Author Topic: 1st Impressions of Reason 6  (Read 2177 times)
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« on: November 16, 2011, 04:15:45 AM »

Before Reason 6 came about,I had always used my Reason 4 as a supplement....a means of a song starter,for the purpose of beefing up a song and/or to insert certain sounds that were lacking in my Presonus DAW.
Now that Reason 6 is a full blown audio/midi DAW,the vastness,depth and flexibility of this program is-to say the least,staggering! Aside from the continued absence of universal VST support,Reason 6 is an all out,no holds barred,unbridled-monster-of-a-recording studio!
Unlike Reason's previous versions,each & every window in version 6 is free-form,in that you can modify the size & shape of each window,any way you see fit.In the sequencer/multi-track area(just above the transport buttons),there is a wonderfully convenient sub-window that gives you a visual account of precisely where your track cursor is,as well as displaying the waveform as it's happening during recording. Cool

A considerable amount of new patches have been added-from not just newly programmed sounds from the preexisting synth engines,but also a good amount of sampled based sounds(a portion of which),comes from the new sample player called the ID8.
An arsenal of new drum sounds have been added(sample-based & otherwise),courtesy of the new Kong drum machine and what's really fascinating about the Kong,is that not only does it have an impressive amount of flexibility in terms of customizing each percussive element independently of one another,it also has a kick-*ss built in effects processor!

I have yet to explore the Neptune pitch corrector(mainly due in part,to my MOX6 giving me serious microphone set up difficulties) and I haven't had a chance to explore the Dr.Octorex drum module either.I made an attempt to color one of my drum tracks with the Echo processor,but that requires a level of knowledge that I don't think I could attain,without some instruction.
There's also the matter of exploring the Pulverisor and the Alligator processors and my head is spinning over all that I have to learn,before I become fluent in this version.

In addition to the already ridiculous amount of effects that exist from previous versions of Reason,version 6 now has 8 insert effects for each audio track,so whatever level of sound shaping & fidelity you could possibly want,is only limited by your will & imagination(I fiddled around a bit with a draft song I had been working on for a couple of days and I cannot believe the scope and grandeur of what resulted
in my preliminary song)!  

One slightly peculiar thing about this latest version,is that it seems that Propellerhead has had to step up their security,due to the escalation of software piracy(presumably).The peculiarity,is that when the user has registered,the program can only be launched either by connecting to Propellerhead's website each time(that is,without the USB drive containing the license key),or with the USB drive plugged into your PC,can you then launch the program.
That is to say,the USB drive must remain connected to your PC,whenever you run the program(if you do not wish to be dependent on a internet connection).This poses absolutely no problem for me,as I have an abundance of USB inputs on my PC,but for those that don't,might get a little pissed over this situation,I imagine.
I should note,that the license key is included with USB drive that comes in the Reason 6 package,so there's no hassle of having to download the key,which is why I absolutely love this company!!  Kiss Kiss


* Reason 6 screenshot.PNG (1339.86 KB, 1908x1027 - viewed 360 times.)

* Reason 6 screenshot 2.PNG (338.63 KB, 1889x1030 - viewed 356 times.)

* Reason 6 Kong.PNG (1037.41 KB, 792x797 - viewed 351 times.)

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...just looking for clues...

« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2011, 05:27:49 AM »

Score another one for PropellorHead... Grin

I like their style - and Reason sounds great!

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