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Author Topic: Mixcraft 6(first impressions)  (Read 2953 times)
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« on: February 15, 2013, 06:52:07 AM »

Received my Mixcraft 6 just after 3:00pm today & 10 minutes after that,I was up & running...playing with VST's & laying down tracks.The layout of the interface,is the most logically thought out & efficient configuration I have ever seen!
The graphics of the mixer controls & all of the virtual knobs,toggle switches,faders & such,give me that hands on-hardware feel.Most of the tracks edits that you can think of,are readily available...just by right clicking on the track lane itself...as well as every possible function that can be executed in this DAW,can be accessed from a single screen...never seen anything quite like this!

As for the VST's...well...all of the acoustic instruments are on par with my Ignite DAW...all of which are very usable at best,but where this DAW really shines in terms of sound,is some of the synths & effects.
Regarding sound,I would have to say that the effects are my favorite,because it's so incredibly simple to coax just the right wah or resonance effect & with such warmth & depth...I'm talking about some hardcore coloring of your instrument tracks,without any muss or fuss,whatsoever.
The effects are indeed,another really fantastic hands-on feature of this DAW,for those much needed enhancements in a pinch.

Yesterday..before my Mixcraft 6 arrived,I received my new Novation Impulse 61 controller keyboard & I was having an issue with the Automap GUI in my Reason DAW.That being said,I was a tad concerned with how my Impulse would react to Mixcraft 6.
As it turned out,all of the default functions of the Impulse(pitch & modulation wheels,drum pads,transpose & keys) worked fine...except for the transport controls.However though,Mixcraft was on the scene with it's midi learn function and it was just a matter of opening a window & clicking on a list of control names & moving the corresponding controls on the Impulse and PRESTO...I had the transport controls working in less than 60 seconds.

This is just a quick & dirty review,so there's much more to come...as I become more acquainted with my beloved Mixcraft 6!By the way...the audio demo I made is in an extremely raw form & doesn't do justice to this wonderful DAW.


* Mixcraft 6 Demo.mp3 (1222.12 KB - downloaded 262 times.)

* Mixcraft screen 2.PNG (995.56 KB, 1043x653 - viewed 580 times.)

* Mixcraft Pultronic.PNG (1130.24 KB, 1534x1072 - viewed 547 times.)

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