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Author Topic: SampleScience Player released: biggest free rompler  (Read 2691 times)
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It took a while but Orion Sound Module replacement is finally here and it's called the SampleScience Player! A free 200 instruments/3 gigs (5 gigs compressed to FLAC) rompler. The biggest free rompler currently available in terms of number of sounds.

The SampleScience Player contain all the sounds available in Orion Sound Module plus an additional 100 playable sounds! Thanks to lossless FLAC compression, the plugin instrument is only 3 gigs in size while having double the sounds of Orion Sound Module. It sounds as good because a lot of problems found in Orion SM have been fixed. Hopefully, they have all been fixed.

Audio demos:


The SampleScience Player's sounds are classified by categories:

  • Basic: Basic waveforms from vintage analog synthesizers.
  • Bass: Various bass from synthesizers and electric bass.
  • Brass: Tuba and saxophone.
  • Chips: Arcade sound effects arranged as drum modules.
  • Drums: Various electronic drum machines and acoustic drum kits.
  • Keys: Acoustic, electric and electronic pianos and organs.
  • Orchestra: Jeff Glatt public domain orchestral library.
  • Perc: Percussive instruments, mostly acoustic.
  • Sound Design: Excerpts from our commercial sample libraries.
  • Strings: Acoustic string based instruments.
  • Synth: Synthesizer sounds from both analog and software synthesizers.
  • Vocals: Various sampled voices.
  • Wind: Wind acoustic instruments.
  • World: Instruments from around the world.

  • 200 sounds
  • Linear ADSR
  • Multi LFO
  • Reverb
  • Highpass/Lowpass filter
  • Velocity amp range controls
  • Glide in mono voice mode
Available as a VST/AU plugin instrument for macOS and Windows 7 & up.
Instrument list (txt file): https://goo.gl/gEPyJE

Download it here for free: https://goo.gl/Ch1pBT

(Enter zero in the price field to get it for free.)

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