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In this episode of Bond,there is a joint effort between NASA and MI6,to push to the far reaches of our solar system(to the Galilean moons of Jupiter)...to collect various gases,mineral deposits and precious metals.
As Bond makes his way toward this region of space,he finds his spacecraft becomes enveloped into a wormhole....where he is transported to an intergalactic timeline convergence.
He then finds himself encountering Buck Rogers,Admiral Kirk and Captain Archer....in an area which appears to be a 4th dimension.As their space crafts dock together,Kirk suggests that Bond and Archer abandon their ships to board the Enterprise(in an effort to navigate out of the uncharted region of space they all found themselves in.
It is then,that Admiral Kirk receives a communication from Spock,during his shore leave on his homeworld of Vulcan.As Kirk illustrates their situation to Spock....Captain Spock postulates that they are caught in a rip of the space-time continuum.
While Spock works on making calculations in terms of the co-efficient elapsed time in relation to the acceleration curve(in accordance with the charted courses of all 3 ships),to determine the precise location of where they are in space,Bond,Rogers,Archer and Kirk...take this requisite time to get sh*t-faced drunk on Romulan Ale,in combination with Andorians energy drinks and as you may well imagine...total intellectual chaos ensues.....

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