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Free VSTi's

Here you will find some of the best free VSTi's & soft synth's we have found on the WEB. They are all free.

Killer synth's

A serie of excellent soft synth's :

GODkILLER III is the first Generation X synth and is the ultimate V/A. Its a based on the hugely popular NEOkILLER but with more of everything. All this power does not come cheap, you will need a fast computer.

Download here : GODkILLER-III


NEOkILLERlight is a slightly stripped-back version that uses less CPU. It has limited Unison, fewer Mod Matrix destinations and no delay effect but it still manages to sound great.

Download here : NEOkILLERlight

NEOkILLERNEOkILLER is the latest synth with a new-look interface. It uses the same oscialltors as JOYkILLER but with a much stronger filter and a new unison sound. The expanded GATE is available as a Modulation Destination in it's 6x5 Mod Matrix. It also features a handy Distortion effect and stereo, tempo-synced Delay. .

Download here : NEOkILLER


NOVAkILL k1 is a very simple synth but it is still capable of creating a surprisingly broad palette of timbres. It is set-up to allow users to become familiar with the process of synthesis. It's preset bank takes you through each section of the instrument, showing how they affect the sound. Rather than go through everything here you should load the synth and experiment with it yourself. After all, synthesis is a hands-on thing and experimentation is where you will learn most quickly.

Download here : NOVAkILL k1


JOYkILLERfeatures an extensive 4x4 Modulation Matrix coupled to a new Multi- Oscillator and combined Low-Pass / Band-Pass Filter. It is 8-note polyphonic with Unison Mode and a Rhythmic Gate effect.

Download here : JOYkILLER


kARMAkILLER is a monster with a comprehensive 6x4 Modulation Matrix. It features two oscillators with Dual mode and two multi-mode filters that can be configured to run in series or parallel. It is 8-note polyphonic and, of course, includes the Rhythmic Gate effect.

Download here : kARMAkILLER


LOVEkILLER Is a hybrid synth combining the great sound of Phase Distortion with a multi-mode filter, complemented by a 4x5 Mod Matrix. Control over both phase mod and filter cutoff gives this instrument awesome power. It is 8-note polyphonic with Unison and the Rhythmic Gate effect

Download here : LOVEkILLER

You can find more information & manuals for those excellent synth's on the following address :www.novakill.com

The Box

Developped by CC4.

A sustractive virtual synth.

Two bank switches to allow the combination of the sound from the oscillators. Four oscillators (A, B, C, & D) with variable waveshapes accessible through a panel control.
Coarse and fine tuning controls for each of the four oscillators.Various filters with cutoff and resonance control for most of the filters.
Three ADSRs for each oscillator to allow control over pitch, filter, and amp. Two assignable LFOs per oscillator. Pan and volume controls for each oscillator .An EFX A/B and C/D section with a choice of echo, flanging, or an additional LPF Solid Mix control to allow for smooth mixing between the banks

Download here : The Box


Sequin is a monophonic step sequencer made with Synthedit. It can create 1 bar patterns with 8, 12, or 16 steps which are triggered from a MIDI note on event. When the sequencer is turned off, it can be played like a regular monophonic synthesiser.

Developped by Andy M..

Download here : Sequin


New !!!!

Harlequin is the polyphonic version of Sequin, allso developped by Andy M.

Download here : Harlequin

Wheel of Fortune

Algorithmic musicsystems as VSTi for Windows(tm) by H.G. Fortune

New update !

- 128 patches including 32 by Tim Conrardy
- Instant transposition via keyboard

Download here : Wheel of Fortune


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