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Below are some of our freebies and more will be added!

- NEW: 18 multis and 20 programs for the Samplelord player (32 MB download).

Samplelord Multis:Download

 - Mellow Horn Variations: Based on the Mellow Horn waves from the Zvon Horn soundfont.  Six variations for discoDSP HighLife, two for Vsampler 3 and the waves are included for use in any other sampler.

Mellow Horn Variations:Download

- Just for fun (soundfont, DashSound and Wusikstation formats): 5 syncopated rhythmic loops for having fun on the keyboard.  Package includes the 3 formats.

Just For Fun:Download

- Trumpet Kits: trumpet sounds mapped drum machine style, soundfont and NUSofting DK+ with the waves.

Trumpet Kits (SF2):Download
Trumpet Kits (DKPlus):Download

- IYTTIW Madness: For NUSofting DK+, some weirdness for your DK+.  Includes the waves.

Madness DKplus:Download

- Three pairs of programs for discoDSP HighLife sampler:

HighLife Punch:Download
HighLifeMini Constellation:Download


Visit our website for more freebies and the demos of our sample sets:  www.lesproductionszvon.com


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