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About the artist:
I\'m James, usually known as OffTheWall. I live near Newcastle in north-east England. I play acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric bass, mandolin, bouzouki, penny-whistles and a little bit keyboards. My favourite styles are folk and soft rock. I have found that the development of this forum has enhanced my music dramatically. The encouragement and collaborations of the other members makes this THE best music site on the web.
About the song:
The Tall Ships. A fully mastered version of this, with artwork, can be found on ‘IN A SPIN’ by Kara-Moon Collective. This tune was inspired by a visit of ‘the Tall Ships Race’ to the River Tyne, on which I live. Scores of these beautiful vessels were moored to the quayside for the public to inspect. The splendour and majesty of this sight gave me the idea for the tune. As I play it I try to imagine the feeling of being on the ocean with the sound of the seabirds and the wind in the sails.

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