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Oren Thomas Fisher  
West Coast Canada

About the artist:
Fascinated from an early age by music and the spoken word, I take great delight in exploring the small mysteries of our world in rhythm, rhyme, and harmony. A proud member of the Diatribe project, the music mastering team at YourBestSound.com, and the Kara-Moon Collective.
About the song:
Some drum loops from the creative folks at Looperman.com, my own homegrown electric bass, vocals and guitar, and some choice keyboard action from our own Thom Sneddon. This song is a tribute to Kara, our co-founder and artistic inspiration at Kara-Moon. It will be part of the tribute album we\\\'re now producing. Encoded in LAME VBR. Mastered in A=432Hz for maximium emotional impact.

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