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Title: Novation X-Station 25
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on May 04, 2008, 05:59:01 PM
I had this idea of buying a midi controller,along with the Access sound module,so that I could tinker with the sound module,without having to turn on my Korg every time I wanted to hear the Access sounds.
I had never paid any attention to Novation before and I had never come across any sound demos of it,but in my search for a midi controller,I took notice of the Novation at greater depth and thought to myself,while I'm after a midi controller,why not have an extra synth to go along with it?

While researching the X-Station,I realized what an amazing piece of multi-faceted gear this keyboard is!

It's an analogue synth with flexible controls,an audio interface,an effects processor,a mixer and also of course,a midi controller!!

The synth sounds are quite impressive for the money and the 25 key version of this synth is perfect for my studio,as it will actually fit right next to my Zoom recorder & my mixer,since I absolutely do not have room for another semi,or full size keyboard,because I just don't have the floor space for another board of that size.
Also,this board comes with 200 synth sounds and there are 300 more sounds available for download.

Check this out...


Title: Re: Novation X-Station 25
Post by: Oren on May 06, 2008, 09:10:33 AM
How much is this one selling for, Thom?

Do you prefer it to the Xio-Synth?

Does Kurzweil have an equivalent product?

Title: Re: Novation X-Station 25
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on May 06, 2008, 04:58:34 PM

The Novation X-Station 25 key version,is going for $499...I do feel though,that the 61 note is a better value at $599.

Based on my knowledge of the Novation keyboards(which is not that comprehensive as of yet),is that the X-Station is Novation's flagship keyboard,as it has more manual controls & a meatier sound engine and is based off of the old K-Station model.
The XioSynth,is a scaled down,more compact version,with a sound engine that is based of off the old KS series.

Both of these series offer thier own exclusive features,meaning that both synths have thier own advantages & improvments,so for myself,I plan on owning both at some point! >:D ;D I am so impressed with thier vast amount of functions & sound shaping options,that I've decided to postpone getting the Access Virus,as I think these incredibly value priced synths are too wonderful to pass up on...both synths are a few years old,so it's best to jump on them as soon as possible,while thier still in production! :D