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Title: Behringer Truth 3030A's.....!!
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on January 21, 2010, 07:58:04 PM
This experience is certainly one of the most pleasant surprises I've ever encountered....the Behringer Truth 3030A's do actually tell the truth...no bull-sh*t! :D
My initial shock over these monitors first hit me when I was tracking the package and it's weight was almost 47lbs!
These beasts weigh in at 22lbs a piece and they're solid as a tank....far out!The 3030A's consist of 6 3/4 " Kevlar bass drivers and 2" ribbon tweeters.
The drivers are encased in a plastic baffle-as well as the front ports,which are all resting on a medium density slab of fiberboard on the front face of a solid wood cabinet.
At the rear of the cabinet,sits an external heat sink & amplifiers...complete with low & high frequency adjustments,as well as a room compensation adjustments.
Located at the top of the external heat sink/amplifier,is a power switch(one of my favorite features) and the power plug & audio inputs are positioned vertically.
Now the moment of truth.....as I flipped the power switches...I was in for the shock of my life...full,robust bass(just the right amount of it,about 50Hz) and the high end was every bit as articulate as my Adam A7's....WOW!
Reverb trails,snare drums,high hats,basses,acoustic instruments & synths never sounded this good for so little money...I'm head-over-heels in love!!
The Ribbon tweeter is slightly more forward than my A7's,but this can  be adjusted and as for the sweet spot,it is e-n-o-r-m-o-u-s!!
I fact,a much broader stereo field than my A7's...really incredible!!

As for the power.....there is such an abundance of it,that it's ridiculous!!I have my volume settings at 30% & I don't dare crank it up any higher than that!
I never thought I'd hear myself say this,but Behringer has made a very stunning & beautiful product...if the 3030A's existed a couple of years ago,I don't think I would have spent a grand on the Adam A7's!
I am so impressed with these monitors,that I plan on upgrading my home theater with a pair of the 3031A's!!!
The typical street price on the 3030A's are $329.95(USD),but I managed to snatch them up for $295.95.
The primary differences between the Adam A7's & the Behringer 3030A's,is that the Behringer's cannot be pushed quite as hard & don't provide any noticeable bass below 50Hz,but if these are issues for anyone,than the larger 3031A's should be a dream come true for more extreme applications.

Bottom line,is that in a compact near-field configuration,the Behringer 3030A's deliver everything you need & they're the sweetest sound you'll ever come across for the $300 range! :;

Title: Re: Behringer Truth 3030A's.....!!
Post by: rharv on January 24, 2010, 02:26:27 PM
Quite an endorsement from someone who was pretty anti-Behringer not too long ago. <grin>

Glad they are as good as I've been hearing.  
Compared to BX8a? More depth?  More bottom?  How about hi's?

Also - are your BX8a's the originals or newer 'deluxe' version?

Sounds like they have about the same amount of power - I can't turn up the BX8a's past about 30=40% either cause I can't reach the volume control anymore (they are blowing me backwards at that point) .. but I sure can 'feel' the music at that point!

Title: Re: Behringer Truth 3030A's.....!!
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on January 24, 2010, 05:46:53 PM

I have the older version of the BX8a's(haven't heard the Deluxes),but comparing a 8" driver with a 12" deep cabinet-versus a 6 3/4" driver with a 8.5" deep cabinet,is not a fair contest...especially in the budget range of monitors.
It's a simple matter of physics and as you must know-especially since you own the BX8a's,that the M-Audio's go well below 50Hz(probably around 45Hz or slightly below).
Of course though in the case of my Adam A7's-where you're dealing with better engineering & an upgrade in components,the A7's performance,is that of an 8" monitor..producing a low end response of 43Hz.

The bottom end of the 3030A's is certainly impressive,considering it's dimensions,but the real depth of these monitors is the exquisite clarity of the mid & high frequencies...much more so than the BX8's!

If you were to go with the larger Truth's-the 3031A's,then I have absolutely no doubt,that the 3031A's would out-perform the BX8A's(Deluxe & otherwise),in ever aspect-hands down.
The 3031A's cabinet depth is about even with the BX8A's,but with a slightly larger bass driver(8 3/4").

Yeah....I used to be as anti Behringer as are a lot of folks,but after I had investigated Behringer further,I had become aware that one of the main reasons Behringer products are so cheap,is largely due to Behringer's enormous production numbers.
Yes...Behringer still cuts corners on certain gear & not all of their gear is designed all that well-as I think that their keyboard amps are terrible,but there have been very noticeable improvements in their studio gear.
As with this or any other company,the buyer should always make an informed choice by investigating a product thoroughly and in retrospect,It was pretty ignorant of me to subscribe to everyone else's negative & speculative opinions on all Behringer gear.
Once a company gets a bad reputation,it's very difficult to reverse it and sometimes internet consumer reviews can be misleading or exaggerated,because of buyer errors.
There is an enormous amount of budget companies that out-source their manufacturing,so to single out one company,by placing them at the top of a gear sh*t-list is quite a dis-service to everyone with moderate incomes.


Title: Re: Behringer Truth 3030A's.....!!
Post by: rharv on January 25, 2010, 03:00:06 AM
Thanks for the reply.   I appreciate the in-depth effort you make on this stuff.
All reviews say the newer deluxe have improved on clarity and imaging.

Specs claim down to 40Hz now for the deluxe ..  but I know how that rounds off..
thanz again

Title: Re: Behringer Truth 3030A's.....!!
Post by: elwoodblues1969 on January 25, 2010, 06:40:41 AM
No bother at all on the info...monitors have always been my most favorite piece of gear,next to keyboards...I'm a bit obsessive-compulsive on the matter,actually. ;)
As for the Deluxes,I have read that the tweeters are less harsh than the previous BX's,as the older BX's are overly bright.
Being that the Deluxe's tweeters have more of a flat response-along with a improved waveguide,then I'm sure that they do provide more clarity.
As for the bass response,your guess is as good as mine...but being that one has to spend an additional $300 bucks on the M-Audio CX8's-just to get an accurate low end response of 37Hz,then I would speculate that it's not likely that the Deluxes go down to a true 40Hz.