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Author Topic: happy holidaze from your bud, pink jimi photon  (Read 7800 times)
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« on: December 18, 2008, 11:41:11 AM »

please be sure to read the read me file in the folder....(repeated below)

pink has shared a folder with you on Box.net. To access this folder, please visit the following link:


all files at 320kbs. the highest bitrate possible

hi peeps,
here ya go, this is my latest compilation of poo,
i call it "a Smattering Of Songitude"....i tried upping a cd image to make this mindlessly simple, but the file was too big to upload with my dsl connection and i got sick of trying.

don't try this on dialup unless ya have an assload of free time.

after ya download these files,
right click each and rename the file extension to
.mp3 rather than .pnk files...
these are normal stereo mp3 files, but i am renaming them so googling script kiddies and assorted other undesirables can't just find them as mp3 files and rip me off.
if ya get stuck, email me.
it's pretty easy to walk ya thru.

so...download all these  files to your computer,rename them, then drag/drop the whole enchilada to a blank cd...win xp, 2000 etc usually have built in cd burner software...
or use nero or whatever.
burn the cd, delete the files.
or keep 'em, whatever.

oh yah, you'll need a cd burner, too.

you may wanna turn off the "two seconds between tracks" feature (if applicable)if the length of the cd is a little dodgy...it just barely fits on one standard cd.

here's the deets on the tunes (to the best of my bloody horrible recollection, anyways)

1) My Own Fault, Baby:

a classic old blues in a minor key, no idea who wrote the original version, i know this one from my mentor Mark Easton (eastonbrothers.com)..this was the "Screaming Blue Infidel" live at our rehearsal space, probably 96 or 97...SBI was me on guitar and vox, Big John Keryk (former brian setzer band) on bass and vox, Mike Zappulla (former Not Quite) on Keys, and Tim Sullivan on the drums.
while the recording quality is a little dodgy (being lifted off an old broken cassette tape..the fuckin case was crushed, had to transplant it to a new one) but the performance was good enough i thought i'd include it..

2) Late Night Polecat Jerky:

i wrote this when i was in Blue Noise in the mid 90's, it was named by my old keyboardest Eric "Zippy" Haeger when i didn't know what to call it...it was written for a 6 piece band but never actually performed.
this version had it's bed tracks recorded "live" at Mark Easton's "Roughcut Studio" then finished here at
Kamikazee (where "one take!! all you get!!!") and features Barry Easton (Ellen McIlwayne/Avalanche among others) on the drums and Walt Albert on Bass...the wah wah madness solo in the middle is Mark, who i swear channeled the REAL Jimi (not your lame MC here)during it...
the rest is me, and anything that doesn't sound like a guitar bass or drums is done with various roland guitar synths.

3)Black Heart Cold Steel:

i wrote this in the Avatar days of the early 90's, it was a completely different song then...i kept the title and a couple of the lines my old rythym guitarist Jim Koenicke wrote, but 90+% of the lyrics are new....but i still give him a cowriters credit regardless.
on this one, everything was me until my friend Erwin Vom Berg (Whiteaxxxe.de, former John Mayall among others) heard it on the old plugindex forum, recorded one HELL of a drum track (for him being a guitar player) and sent it to me for me to remix.
this particular song made it to #2 at one point on Neil Young's Living With War Today anti war song charts..not too shabby for a nobody from willimantic.

4)Blues In My Pocket:

the title came to me years ago (got blues in my pocket, but my heart beats rocknroll, which is actually kinda accurate) and i play everything on the track...i sent it to a friend of mine on Myspace named Katz (myspace.com/katz) who is a fuckin awesome hip hopper cuZ the original track had no vox or guitar, and a kinda hip-hop feel and i was hoping he could do something with it.
when he didn't, i said *** it...and the words all happened, a story unfolded, and i was like...whoa...
my first real original uncontrived blues...well...uncontrived may be a stretch...lol.

5)(a trip to) Uncle Ed's:

 an ode to some really feckin awesome blotter acid i did many years ago, that was bloody incredibly visual.
i was playing with a vst synth called "ilosynth" and one of the patches kinda turned me on...
so this brainfart was born. i play the guitars bass keys and drums (poorly) and it has a weird vibe, some folks said it was kinda gilmourish, but them are some mighty big shoes to attempt to even shine, let alone fill!!


this song came to me while stoned one day microwaving some grub...the melody came in my head, and wouldn;t leave...originally, it was a call and response like led zeps "the battle of evermore" with the male voice singing a line and the female one responding, and it would NOT FUCKIN GO AWAY....it just started writing itself in my head, and was making me crazy...eventually, i started hearing it with dave gilmour's voice singing it to me, and then wango, one day all the words kinda spilled out. so i recorded it here, and my little brother Todd "T-Willie" Meikle (myspace.com/T-Willie) came over having a rough day...so we got very very stoned and i asked if he wanted to try a pass on the lead guitar...he said sure (which was cool, cuz i couldn't get it together cuz i broke my left wrist while the song was in process)and he did a couple passes...
i kept the 2nd and 3rd ones, panned them hard left/right and that is what ya hear...personally, i thought he did an amazing job!! one nice, lyrical guitar solo, and maybe the finest recorded doc of todd's playing ever...he is MUCH better than he THINKS he is.


 i wrote this one when i was in the joint for some acid back in 84, on a cheezy casio keyboard..it was roughly based on the french revolution. i finally recorded it a year or two back, and this is what ya get.
i think certain fecktards in washingtoon may have deserved a cool breath of air to the back of the neck, too..

8)TranscenDental Medication:
all me, recorded while blowing off my dentist one day inadvertantly...or WAS it??

9)Day After Day:

this is probably my best known tune, this is the pre-"xenochron" version. this too was written in 84 while in prison at the tender age of 22, watching the rise of the reagan bush imperialist regime that sold the soul of my country, criminalized freedom and raped lady liberty, with dubya adding the final insult by wiping her shit off his bloody *** with the constitution 20 some years in the future...
but i digress..the bed tracks were recorded at Daddy's Junky Music in Vernon CT on my friend Chris Caouette's
Mac laptop. it was gonna be our submission for a children's music charity fundraising cd that never happened.....anyways, Chris looped the drums, and i recorded the mandolin, bass, and several of the guitar tracks there in the store before it opened on a couple consecutive days...including the vocal, which i just sang into a big fuckin empty room (well, full of gear)..and captured with some kinda high falutin microphone i can't remember.
then i came back here and recorded everything else...and even flew in some guitar licks from previous incarnations (strangely, all the different versions can be laid over each other, and it kinda works...i guess the vision on this was strong in my mind). as originally written, it was a folk song in "celtic"-ish waltz time (ala say, "pigs on the wing" by roger waters" or "murder" by david gilmour) but after almost checking out at 27 in a bad car crash that left me permanently fucked up physically i was messing around with my gibson edn 1275 playing Jimmy Page's amazing "The Rain Song" (houses of the holy, one of my fav zep albums, jimmy page is the god of rock guitar production, period) and i mis-played a chord and loved the dissonant contrast of an e major chord over a d major chord with a drone..
the tuning, lo to hi, is like this: d g c g c d ....and wrote a weird little drift about tripping called "the stars want love" that i doubt anyone will ever hear, as it was spinal tap-ishly epic in it's vapidity...anyways, one day, probably quite stoned, i was playing this lovely weird progression, and i remembered the lyrics for day after day (which also existed as a 2 chord ImM6/9 IV7 version similar to neil young's "down by the river") and tried singing it over the other wrong chord progression.
still with me?
and this is what ya get.

10)I Think They're Already Here:

 this is one of my weird little sonic palindrome experiments, the same forward and back and is completely nothing more than seriously digitally manipulated electric guitar.
the name came from talking with my kids, who had read "the monsters have landed on maple street" by Rod Serling, from an american television show called "The Twilight Zone", a parable about paranoia and manipulation...anyways, the title of the show when mentioned by the kids drew the unrehearsed response by me "that i think they are already here" when some one said "i think they're coming"...or something...the memory is dodgy at the moment, you young whippersnapper...

11)We All Fall Down, You Know:

a pagan's observation of life. Barry Easton on the drums, everything else is me.
the final guitar solo's weird sound is the guitar being taken out of the computer, run thru a cranked fender princeton reverb into my talkbox, which had a kazoo crammed in the end of it with most of it submerged in a glass of water, which was miked in stereo with a pair of marshall mxl pencil condensers...
weird sound, seemed to fit.
if ya really crank it, it is weird as hell compared to the original...yah, i'm a weirdo.

12)Dead Seed Spore:

written in part by my computer with some weird program i found somewhere that writes utterly random phrases..
the only thing i kept was the title, it suggested the song i wrote from it. i'm playing all the stuff on this one, too.


my first instrument was the cello, and i sucked at it pretty feckin' hard.
i dicked around with stuff from the time i was 7, but never really gave a shit about music till the first time i got high....and the music in my head turned on and never shut off again...it is creepy and annoying sometimes, but i wouldn't shut it off if i could.
it's hard to concentrate on other things sometimes, and these days it is less frequent as so many other details are more important than the music.
somedays there is none, and...it's hard to describe the cacophony left in it's silence.. anyways...this too is a palindrome. same forward and back. a bunch of freeware VSTI's, recorded with the utility in savihost, then manipulated and looped with audacity.
real mournful sounding, as it was happening i remembered my first real inspiration with the cello being padre joe kugler, the priest at the catholic church i was forced to attend as a kid...joe was a cool human being, period..and a hell of a musician, so this is technically subtitled (after the fact) requiem for joe, but it was recorded while mourning the late Roger "Syd" Barrett, founder of one of my strongest influences, the pink floyd.
i named it titania in reference and reverence to Syd's
amazing "Astronomy Domine" from the floyd's first album where he makes reference to "oberon miranda and titania, neptune titan stars can frighten..." line.
anyways..that's mah story and i'm stickin' to it.

14) Phat J's Boogie:

this was my signature opener when i was still doing the smokin' herb band. it came from a jam on a riff my old bass player called "i'm so excited" or something and my own head lick,blah blah blah...this version, the bed guitar bass and drum track was recorded live at Mark's studio with me barry and walt, and the head and wah leads were cut while we were listening to the playback.
the rest was done back here at kamikazee.

15) Rock And Roll Suicide:

this one was a tongue in cheek poke at the mighty rock star with the massive c*ck and coke habit, you know, just bad 80's style cliche bullshit...originally it was sung poodle boy style at the top of my range (i'm too old to squeeze my nuts that hard to hit them notes)and a bonified big hair pointy pop guitar metal song...but i sang it like what i am now, a tired old mostly white third rate blues guitarist from the willimantic river delta..
this is me and barry playing guitar and drums in mark's studio, and is my epiphone firebird i gave to one Chuck Hall, Damned Yankee (who is now an honest to god slinger of the firebird, hallowed be McCarty...)
the rest is me, back here.
i LOVE the slide on this one.
it's one of my guiltier pleasures, as i usually don't have much faith in my guitar playing...i can make it move and howl and am a great mimic, but after doing this for 40 feckin' years now it's hard sometimes to get, or rather keep inspiration going..."awe, ***, i can't do this, it sounds more like _____________", ya know?
so i ain't crazy about my own playing generally like alot of other guitar slingers, but this one i kinda like.

so....happy holidaze from me and jules,
aka yawn and joko.

may whatever the *** your conceptualization of divinity is shine a light of blessing on you and yours always, never give up, never surrender, and if ya like this shit, pay it forward somehow, slide a homeless person a 20 or help some stranger out or something somehow.

if ya REALLY are into it, and only then, paypal donations are always greatly appreciated, tho hardly
necessary. (phatjbp aht geee mail dot kahm, if ya get my drift).
my management makes me put that last part in.
i don't want anything, so this ain't spam.
nor is this a list, if you're getting this you are someone i care enough about to send this to, and that is all (or on one of my BBS things)


the software i used ?


you can find a plethora of free stuff with google,
including Savihost, VST's and Soundengine Free which i also use..

and be sure to visit http://www.kvraudio.com



legalese crapola:

all songs copyright jimi pocius/photon tunes, all rights reserved express or implied, this here thingy gives YOU liscence to burn this stuff to cd and listen all ya want, but you cannot make money off it without contacting me and getting permission, further, distribution of this for any profit is unethical and fucked up.
i don't give a *** if ya make a couple copys to give friends if ya want, but don't sell it, and if ya distribute it somehow, you need to contact me for further liscencing and stuff.
this is my intellectual property, so don't use it without permission and we are cool.
odds are i will grant permission if asked, if you make coin with it i need a taste..contact me..sorry to sound mercenary, but this IS the damn internet and there's some unethical peeps out there (hi!).
things online have a habit of getting around.

blah blah....

just download these songs and burn 'em,lol.


COMPLAIN:  change.gov



your line here, just $12.95 a week.....seriously,,,*


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« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2008, 12:25:40 PM »

Hi Pink Jimi,

Thank you very much for sharing this with us.  Cool
I looked at the videos and I'm listening to your radio on your website and I can tell that I love what I'm hearing. You have great songs !

I just love 'Hold on to your dreams' !

You're da man !


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...just looking for clues...

« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2008, 05:28:00 PM »

Dis guy has serious style... Afro

....tanks, dood....

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Who? Me?

« Reply #3 on: December 18, 2008, 08:24:19 PM »

Dis guy has serious style... Afro

....tanks, dood....
+1 (and some)

If you have a poem, I have a tune, and we exchange these, we can both have a poem, a tune, and a song.
- Will
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