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Author Topic: Voicing Modes  (Read 905 times)
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« on: September 10, 2022, 12:37:45 AM »

MMA has a number of different ways to gather and play the various notes in a chord. The following little script will cycle though them using the same pattern/sequence and chords. As an experiment, you might want to change the chords (try 9th, 11ths, etc) and the KeySig. Interesting things happen Smiley

/// Simple script to demo all the various
/// voicing mode options. Here we create a
/// simple CHORD pattern that we play with the
/// same chords in each mode.

Include stdpats
Seqsize 4
Keysig C

Begin Chord
   Voice Piano1
   Octave 5
   Sequence C1234  C13  C1234 L1

Mset Cpattern   /// set our chord pattern

Chord Voicing Mode=Root  /// same as none which is the default

Chord Voicing  Mode=Optimal

Chord Voicing  Mode=Key

Chord Voicing  Mode=Key2

Chord Voicing  Mode=Drop2

Chord Voicing  Mode=Drop2Key

Chord Voicing  Mode=Drop23

Chord Voicing  Mode=Drop23Key

Chord Voicing  Mode=Invert

Chord Voicing  Mode=Compressed

Have fun!

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