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I have been into music in one form or another since early piano lessons as a child in the 1950s, but it is only since the advent of modern synthesisers that I have been able to really express myself. Most of my other interests are creative in some way. Electronics, carpentry, gardening. However I also have a keen interest in the countryside, conservation and the environment.
1.East To West
2.Sleepy Hollow
4.Cinderellas Night At The Ball
5.Lonely Boy
6.Krazy Shuffle
7.Henry's Ghost
8.Hide and Seek (in a magical woodland)
10.Lair Of The Dragon King
11.Sad Angel
12.Runaway Train
13.We Are Coming Home
14.Ghost Train
Comments from Friends
Oh yes, Folderol, the man who prefers not to be called the "Linux Guru", and who has single-handedly made the ZynAddSubFX software synthesizer a legend at Kara-Moon. You have a lot of style, Maestro, even if you insist upon calling a vacuum tube a "valve". Thanks for all your help and encouragement!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hey Folderol, It's great to see you with your own page up here. I'm looking forward to hearing some more of your wonderful tunes. Apart from being a 'dab hand' with a synth you have a unique way of conjuring up a memorable tune. Let's hope we can get some more collabs together in the future.


Well you certainly found your element with synths. That takes some real doing..impressive work. I really like "we are Coming Home"..very pretty, and you just can't get too much pretty.


man, i think i just learned how to spell classic correctly...FOLDEROL. every page i visit here is different and totally cool ...some very nice synth work to be had on this page, i must come by more ! peace jimi

Pink Jimi Photon

Folderol, you have mastered the modern synthesizer. Not only do you have a very creative mind you know how to express that mind into musical masterpieces. East to West is my favorite, so far. Thanx for sharing you music with us.



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