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West of France
We live in a little town, in the west of France, called Saint-Nicolas du Pelem. Heavily involved in the local music scene, we are also both active in the music school. Azell is a multi instrumentalist, playing flute, sax, clarinet and an electronic windcontroller emulating different sounds. She is also a lyrics writer for songs and an exceptional singer. Kara, a composer and arranger, plays mainly keyboards and bass. We perform live mostly as a duo and our usual style goes from Jazz to Pop with some electronic experiments. Azell also directs the local choir and is a member of different singing ensembles.
1.The forgotten voyage
2.Blowing in the wind
3.My hart stood still
4.Ma vie - Jazz
6.At the movies
7.Runner II
8.At the movies II
9.Not a Looser
10.December Interlude I
12.Le ca´re en feu
13.Tribute to Zelda
14.Sexy Boy
Comments from Friends
Hi Kara, my brother in arms! Back in March 2006 we started with a shared vision on a music site. A lot of long nights has evolved and in this time it seems that Kara-Moon has evolved to a great place. I realy like how all of this has turned out. I hope Kara-Moon will stay here forever and I hope we'll find many enthousiastic people who share our vision. Thanks for all your advice, time, contributions and devotion.


This man is the heart of Kara-Moon. His unfailing enthusiasm and boundless energy combine to motivate us toward bigger and better musical accomplishments, both technical and artistic. My favourite tune from his collection:"At The Movie". --------------Keep on keepin' on, Mr. K.!

Oren Thomas Fisher

Hey Kara....I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for your generosity in sharing this space with us and the world. Your foresight in developing this facility is earning the respect of many musicians throughout the internet. It is great to be able to listen to your always interesting blend of experimental and jazzy themes on this page. I hope the future can give us the opportunity to be able to collab on some international celtic music.


Congratulations Kara..best music forum on the internet. Good job well done, and wonderful music to sweeten the bargain! "At the Movies" is great, and I still have a special spot for "Ma Vie"..and hear many of my favorites here. Runners is phenomenal! Looking forward to more of the "Nuevo Jazz Project".


hey man thanks for such a groovy scene to chill at! you and mr.moon have got this place really moving nice...good folks, good music.. your fist track is really cool, i love how ancient the piano sounds, as opposed to the crisp and digital synthetic counterpoint.. nice groove, great production.. what more can i say? one thing i notice here that i really like is the psychedleic influence and drama of so many of the artists...it is a beautiful thing. i am so glad i have the time to lsiten to the killer music on this website... thanks for making it happen...btw...at the movies 1&2 are da bomb! ;) peace jimi

Pink Jimi Photon

I\'m listening a piece from you : \"Voyage\". Thank\'s for all.

Daniel Pompougnac


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