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The Mad Dentist  
Wales, UK
I have written over 400 songs in the past 40 years. I play guitar and piano and have played in too many bands to list but honourably mention the "Conmen", "The Roosters", "Seasons of Gold" and "Norfolk and Chance". I uses PG Music's Band In A Box and Soundtrek Jammer Pro 6, mastering in Cubase SX 1.03 using soundfonts, Fruity Loops and lotsa vsti's for eg G Media's Mellotron and Native instruments FM7. I also use various expansion sound modules by Casio, Korg, Yamaha and Roland from my precomputer days.
1.How many heartaches
Comments from Friends
I found Wirewound very surprising. Also it seems at the starting chords minor and major are used at the same time. The chorus is refreshing and unexpected!



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