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Kriminal VSTi's

DANTE v1.3 (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases DANTE , a 2 OSC poly synth, each VCO has its own VCF/Filt Aenv/Amp Env/LFO and a global Mod section.

KRM-101 (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases KRM-101 , based around the 80's Roland SH-101, very simple synth capable of some cool bass/lead sounds

Nietzsche (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Nietzsche , a basic synth using 2 Unison OSC's and a Sub Osc.

SartreXT (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases SartreXT , a 2 OSC (each VCO can produce 6 diff waveforms similatneously). Each VCO has its own VCF/Filt Aenv/Amp Env/LFO and a global Mod section. Chorus FX.

Voltaire (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Voltaire , a simple 1 OSC (saw/sq) monosynth made for making old school acid basslines.

Pulse80R (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Pulse8OR , a 8 OSC synths, each OSC locked to pulse waves only. Global VCF/Amp/LFO/Mod sections and Chorus FX.

Kombat (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Kombat, a cool synth for big fat bass and lead sounds. 1 normal OSC and EVM's Unison OSC, with Chorus and Flanger FX and MOD section.

Czar (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Czar, an exercise in Phase Distrotion synthesis. This use 2 PD OSC's, each with its own envs and FX.


KRM-SFP (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases KRM-SFP , a simple Soundfont Player, similar layout to SarteXT, but the standard OSC's are replaced with SF2 OSC's. Two diff soundfonts can be loaded/palyed at once. Again,  each SF2-OSC has its own VCF/Filt Aenv/Amp Env/LFO and a global Mod section. Chorus FX.

Tsunami (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Tsunami ,

4 OSC polyphonic synth
OSC 1+2 goes thru Filters 1+/or2 (choice) then amp env1
OSC 3+4 goes thru Filters 3+/or4 (choice) then amp env2

each OSC pair can therefore have 2 diff filter env settings for more interesting sounds.

LFO for OSC1+2 and OSC 3+4, global Chorus and MOD section, and Pan for each pair of OSC's.

One problem i have found is a massive CPU spike when loading synth, but this seems to go if you stop/start the host.


Padrone (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Padrone , 2 x OSC: each with its own VCF/Filt Env/Amp Env and 2 x LFO, MOD SECTION, CHORUS FX

OSC: sine/saw/ramp/tri/pulse/white noise/pink noise with pitch selection (octave/semitone/fine)
LFO: sine/saw/ramp/tri/pulse/sample hold. Host sync ON/OFF. Rate/Depth/Delay.
LFO Dest: pitch, pulse width, phase mod, pm depth, freq, reso, env amt, pan, amp
MOD ASSIGN : Mod Wheel, Velocity, Aftertouch
MOD DEST: freq1, freq2, reso1, reso2, env1, env2, pw1, pw2, pm1, pm2,
          pm depth1, pmdepth2, ch rate, ch depth.
CHORUS: Rate/Depth.
MAIN: MonoMode-ON/OFF, Retrigger-ON/OFF, Mono Note Priority-OFF/LOW/HIGH/LAST
      Portamento Time, Volume.


Raptor (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Raptor ,


DrBeat (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases DrBeat ,


Victor (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Victor , Victor is built around 3 'groups'. Each group has 4 OSC's (each of those has 7 diff waveforms) with individual Osc Vol and group PW/PW Depth and Tuning (octave and semi-tone).

Each group had a LP/HP/BP/BR filter with Env and VCA. All envelopes can be inverted.

Each group has Pan and Volume, as well as an X-Y pad. (osc1 at top left, osc 2 top right, osc3 bot right, osc4 bot left)

There is also and extensive BPM Synced LFO (6 waveforms) for each Group and a global MOD section (Mod Wheel/Aftertouch/Velocity).

The Main section has controls for Bend Range/Vel Sensetivity/Mono-Poly-Legato Mode/Portamento Time.

Victor has no onboard FX.


BlueSynth (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases BlueSynth    



KRM61 (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases KRM61   
A reasonable emulation of the 1982 Korg Poly61
2 DCO's (DCO1-saw/square/pulse DCO2-saw/square)
VCF - 4 pole LP filter
EG (env generator/ADSR) shared with VCF/VCA
MG = LFO - sine modulation of DCO Pitch/PW/VCF Cut Off

Original had 8 voice Unison, this has chorus instead.

Original also had ARP...not needed for this, most decent hosts will have one.



Synth2 (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Synth2    
2 osc synth designed to make piano/organ/ general keys type sounds

Rotator, Tremolo, Delay, Chorus and Drive FX



SynthX (FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases SynthX   
1 osc monophonic bass synth (sine/saw/pulse)

Asymetric distortion unit (controlled by X-Y pad)

3 filter types:

Legacy - 3P-18dB LP
Classic - 4P Moog LP
Vintage - 4P- 24dB saturated LP

Filter ADSR




Solaris(FreeWare, Windows only)

Kriminal releases Solaris   
1 osc monophonic bass synth (sine/saw/pulse)

Based around the ARP/Rhodes Chroma Polaris

3 OSC (Saw/Pulse)

4 pole LP VCF with A/D/S/SD/R


SWEEP (LFO) - Sine/Square



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