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Red Princess  
Red Princess are modern & alternative rock band from Moscow, Russia. The group's range of expression does not only stick to some singular style but actually combines different current musical trends such as alternative and progressive rock, industrial and pop music. The hallmark of the group is distinctive and clear melodies, impressive lyrics, out of the ordinary and original vocal.
1.Don't Even Sigh
2.Don't Even Sigh (Ultramix)
Comments from Friends
Hi & welcome here. We are proud that even in Russia they know the KM site ! Good solid modern rock music you have, I love it. Post some more. K


The "ultra-mix" takes it! Great songwriting, performance, and production. I want to hear more....

Oren Thomas Fisher

Wow, wow and wow !!! This is really great stuff ! Letīs hear some more about and from you. IMO you gave Moscow a wonderful sound and colour. Cheers,

Max el Belga


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