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Max el Belga  
I donīt play trumpet. I do play guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and percussion. Making music is like breathing for me. Since ī68 Iīm enjoying this. I used to play in bands and the last 5 years I just stay in my studio. With a PC Iīm able to do everything I want on my own (and mucho more). What a change : in max 40 hours I finish a song ! I use the name "Max el Belga", īcose thatīs what Iīm called in a very funny book (in Dutch) written by Marc Legendre ("Coņo"). Max... .. .
2.Moon wolf
3.Time has come
4.Chop chop
Comments from Friends
My, my, we've got some heavy hitters on the team! Max, all I can say is that when I grow up, I want to sound like you... (oh, we're walking in the tall grass, now!)

Oren Thomas Fisher

Heya Max..glad to see ya. You are the original..yeah, nobody knows how to put ten pounds into a five pound bag like you do. More please. :)


Hi Max ! A very impressive collection of music you have there. You relly don't need that trumpet to make great tunes. Top class.


Nice to see you on here Max. I'm always keen to hear what you produce. Your style is quite unique!


Max, You are an unique artist with an incredible talent for mixing real instruments with samples. I'm very glad that we have you as a member !



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